ATIF Holdings Limited Signed Consulting Agreements with McSen Realty Corp. and Promise Logistics Corp. Totaling US$2 Million


Los Angeles, California, Oct. 26, 2020 (NEWSWIRE) -- ATIF Holdings Limited (Nasdaq: ATIF, the “Company” or “ATIF”), a company providing business consulting and multimedia services in Asia, today announced the Company entered into two financial consulting service agreements, dated Oct 21, 2020 and dated Oct 22, 2020 (the “Agreements”), to act as a business advisor for McSen Realty Corp.(“McSen Realty”), a leading real estate brokerage in Irvine, California and Promise Logistics Corp.(“Promise Logistics”), a large inland logistics company in City of Industry, California providing logistic services nationwide. The Agreements were signed in anticipation of both McSen Realty and Promise Logistics to enter into the U.S. capital market.

Pursuant to the Agreements, ATIF agreed to provide both McSen Realty and Promise Logistics with services including business consulting, capital market advisory for business planning and strategy development, planning and assisting with fund raising activities, and investor and public relations services. As consideration, each of McSen Realty and Promise Logistics agreed to pay the Company a fixed consulting fee of US$1 million, to be paid in installments subject to certain conditions. The two Agreements totaled to US$2 million.

Mr. Pishan Chi, the Chief Executive Officer of the Company, commented, “We are very excited that we signed the Agreements with McSen Realty and Promise Logistics, two local companies, only three months after the establishment of our U.S. headquarters. Entering into the U.S. capital market is an important milestone for McSen Realty and Promise Logistics, indicating that McSen Realty and Promise Logistics will be in position for better development prospects and growth opportunities. We expect that McSen Realty and Promise Logistics will enhance its brand awareness and credibility in the industry, accumulating trust from customers and investors. In this engagement, we will do our best to help McSen Realty and Promise Logistics go public and to provide guidance on their potential listing and further development.”


About McSen Realty Corp.

McSen Realty Corp.(“McSen Realty”) is the largest real estate brokerage in Irvine, California. McSen Realty provides commercial real estate and financial services including Commercial Real Estate, Residential Real Estate, Fund Investment, Asset Management, Escrow, Real Estate Training School. McSen's management team has many years of experience in real estate which created strong relationships with all builders. For more information, please visit: https://www.McSen


About Promise Logistics Corp.

Established in 2005, Promise Logistics Corp.(“Promise Logistics”) is a large inland logistics company with its own warehouses and a large number of transportation fleets throughout the United States. Promise Logistics owns a nationwide fleet of 50 plus company-owned trucks and 60 trailers and four warehouses located in Florence KY, Norcross GA, Delaware OH and City of Industry, CA respectively in the U.S.

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