ATIF Holdings Limited Announces Establishment of New Headquarters in Los Angeles to Explore North America Market


Shenzhen, ChinaJuly 06, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ATIF Holdings Limited (Nasdaq: ATIF, the “Company”), a company providing business consulting services and multimedia services in Asia, today announced that its new headquarters in Los Angeles started operation on July 1, 2020 as the Company set out to explore the North America market.

Establishing a global headquarters in the United States is in line with ATIF's international development and geographic expansion strategies. The Company has always focused on expanding the market, forming diversified business structure and seeking new growth points.

The new headquarters in Los Angeles will enable the Company have access to more U.S. capital market resources, gather more information in a timely manner, and reach more investors.

Previously, ATIF has headquarters in both Shenzhen and Hong Kong. Adding a new headquarters in the west coast of the United States represents the Company has the advantage of exchanging capital markets information among mainland ChinaHong Kong and the United States, thus serving its clients more effectively and better assisting them to go public on a U.S. stock exchange.

Mr. Jun Liu, CEO and Director of ATIF, commented, “Many U.S. companies are facing the difficulty of financing because of COVID-19, and their demand for public listing and financing continues increasing. To address this market demand, we established our headquarters in the United States during this period, focusing on providing U.S. companies with comprehensive listing consulting services and helping them overcome the current difficulties caused by COVID-19.”


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